Introducing the AplaStar 55 Ring and Puck Mill

Industrial-quality manufacturer Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest, Inc., maintains its headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. Offering OEM equipment and other digital imaging products, the company operates under the leadership of its president, Donald Dotson. In the course of its nearly two decades of existence, Mikron Digital Imaging has become a leading innovator in the industry, and it continues to develop new products.

Mikron Digital Imaging through it’s sister company Mikron Digital Instruments, introduced the AplaStar 55 Ring and Puck Mill at the Denver X-Ray Conference in 2012. The product features single-phase power and digitally controlled programmable stepping operations for XRF analysis. Composed of premium chrome steel and other materials, the AplaStar 55 Ring and Puck Mill will last longer and work with faster grind times while providing more consistent particle size.

The product comes in 10 cc, 100 cc, and 250 cc sizes with built-in vacuum cleaning and efficient LED lighting. Other options include alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, and tungsten carbide containers.

In August 2014, at the Denver X-Ray Conference in Big Sky Montana, Mikron Digital introduced their NEW Prensa Bench-Top 30-Ton X-ray Sample Press. This Programmable Stepping Press provides stepped pressure increments allowing the sample to degas for more consistent sample quality.


About mikrondigitalimaging

Mikron Digital Imaging has been delivering next-generation technology to the medical world for the past three decades. Our company works closely with with clients from all over to enable them to help patients in effective and innovative ways.
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