Mikron Digital Imaging’s Mikron Digital Instruments Subsidiary

Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, Mikron Digital Imaging provides innovative technology to medical imaging professionals. Beyond this field, Mikron Digital Imaging runs subsidiaries such as Mikron Digital Instruments, which develops industrial analytical equipment.

One such product is the AplaStar 55 ring and puck grinding mill. Made with high-quality materials, this equipment features quick and silent grinding and produces a consistent particle size. Its Safety Lid Interlock Design contains a flat table transmission, a WHISPER drive sound suppression system resulting in an almost silent 55db sound level, and a digital programmable timer. Able to accept 10cc, 100 cc, and 250cc containers, it also requires a minimal 115/208/230 single-phase power. Moreover, this customizable machine can be customized to include an adjustable speed motor, a vacuum cleaner, and the ability to accept containers from myriad materials. Furthermore, Mikron sells grinding containers in substances ranging from hardened steel and tungsten ceramic to zirconia and cryogenic carbide.

In addition to the grinding mill, the company sells two types of x-ray sample presses. Its single-phase power PSP80K X-ray Sample Press is an 80,000-pound automatic pellet press with password protection, programmable pressure steps and dwell time at each step, a programmable pressure let off. The 30-ton Prensa (DTBP60K) Bench Top X-ray Sample Press accepts mold assemblies up to three inches from most other manufacturers and offers real-time PID pressure control. The Prensa is also available in a 40-ton Version (DTBP80K). More information about these products can be found at mikrondigitalinstruments.com.


About mikrondigitalimaging

Mikron Digital Imaging has been delivering next-generation technology to the medical world for the past three decades. Our company works closely with with clients from all over to enable them to help patients in effective and innovative ways.
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