The August 2014 Bowl-4-Animal Rescue Event

Mikron Digital Imaging, a Michigan-based company that specializes in x-ray and medical imaging hardware, has been in operation since 1986. As a participant in the annual Bowl-4-Animal Rescue, Mikron Digital Imaging supported philanthropic efforts to promote the humane treatment of animals in Detroit and the surrounding area.

This August, Bowl-4-Animal Rescue (B4AR) entered its ninth year, raising nearly $29,000 in support of animal programs—a massive increase over the approximately $6,500 that the program’s inaugural event raised.

The B4AR event started with the efforts of two individuals: Aleta Sill and Michelle Mullen. The two hall-of-fame bowlers have worked together to host the event since its inception, raising more than $150,000 in support of street rescues and shelter animals in the Detroit area to date. Last year, approximately 175 people actively participated in the event.

All the proceeds raised at the event benefit the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter and the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN).


About mikrondigitalimaging

Mikron Digital Imaging has been delivering next-generation technology to the medical world for the past three decades. Our company works closely with with clients from all over to enable them to help patients in effective and innovative ways.
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