RADspeed Radiography Unit is Renowned for its Efficiency

Based in Livonia, Michigan, Mikron Digital Imaging is a digital imaging company that provides x-ray imaging equipment for a variety of uses. Mikron, which has been operating since 1986, distributes a range of products from imaging technology companies such as Meridian. In particular, a Meridian radiographic unit being distributed by Mikron Digital Imaging in the midwest has been picked up by MacNeal Hospital in LaGrange IL.

The hospital chose the Mobile VX Digital Radiography unit after comparing it to several other radiology units offered by other distributors. The Mobile VX unit was chosen for a number of reasons, including the improvement over the older equipment already in use. Additionally, the machine’s software is quicker, and its dose input is lower, providing a safer experience for patients. Furthermore, the number of patients who can be accommodated has grown, since the unit’s portability has greatly increased.

The unit uses a digital radiography system that reduces labor and increases efficiency. The unit is ergonomic and utilizes a modern, full-color 13″ touch-screen tablet PC that includes up to 1000 conditions which may be registered in the unit for examinations. Having been recently released in the Digital X-ray category, the Mobile VX unit is among the most highly-regarded technology products Mikron Digital Imaging offers.


About mikrondigitalimaging

Mikron Digital Imaging has been delivering next-generation technology to the medical world for the past three decades. Our company works closely with with clients from all over to enable them to help patients in effective and innovative ways.
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